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Case Study 01: Hummingbird graduate uses drone licence to win large planning and development projects

A. Holgate

One of Hummingbird’s Success Stories: Adrian has recently joined his wife’s successful planning and development consultancy offering UAV services.

The entire experience helped set us up for success

After more then 30 years combined experience working with local authorities husband and wife Adrian and Diane decided to start their own development and planning consultancy. They turned to Hummingbird UAV to train them up in order to take advantage of the new demand for aerial surveys and inspections.

Adrian wouldn’t recommend anyone else If you are thinking about getting your drone licence. Hummingbird UAV made the experience seamless for Adrian providing; weekend classes to fit around his busy schedule, advice on course funding, advice on equipment and help completing his bespoke Flight Operations Manual, Hummingbird UAV helped every step of the way. By the time the Flight Assessment came around Adrian felt thoroughly prepared and quietly confident.

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Hexforth, Doncaster

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Adrian Piloting a Drone
Quote from Adrian

Right from the word go Matt and the team at Hummingbird UAV were eager to help Adrian out and go above and beyond all expectations.

Hummingbird UAV are big fans of the Skills Bank which is a Sheffield Regional initiative, providing local businesses with funding towards improving and adding workplace skills to new and established Doncaster businesses. Fifty percent of his training was provided as a

It’s this holistic approach to training that sets Hummingbird UAV apart. They provide training to everyone from; individuals who have never used a drone to drone enthusiasts and manned pilots with hundreds of hours of flight experience.

The team were helpful throughout the process of writing the Flight Operations Manual. Adrian was guided through the process and given Hummingbird UAV’s Course Manual which contained all the detailed knowledge to write his own Flight Operations Manual. The revisions Hummingbird UAV suggested before it was submitted were crucial in getting it approved quickly, saving Adrian time. Hummingbird UAV’s staff also helped Adrian to get his Flight Operations Manual written and approved and prepared him fully for his Flight Test.

Hummingbird UAV have given DCH Consulting more than just a licence to fly a drone, it's allowed us to expand in to an exciting new market.

On the drone side of the business some of Adrian’s current work helps re-roofing companies to inspect buildings without the need for scaffolding, coastline erosion surveys and aerial mapping. Adrian and Diane have a strong plan for the business which involves continuing to grow locally whilst using their unique expertise in planning and consulting work around building regulations  to aquire larger development projects. 

Adrian has continued his learning journey with Hummingbird UAV. After completing his PfCO course with Hummingbird the Facebook Group for graduates was an invaluable resource for sharing information with people in a similar situation. As an added bonus present for getting his licence his wife also used Hummingbird UAV to surprise Adrian with Helicopter Flight Experience. Adrian is very conscious about staying on top of new applications of drones that may give him a competitive advantage. Adrian is currently interested in the work Historic England are doing around 3D geomapping of historic sites in order to build extremely high resolution 3D models of ancient buildings of historic significance, with minimal disturbance. Adrian also plans to continue his learning with Hummingbird UAV when he takes part in the Drone Photography Course planned for 2018. Hummingbird UAV gave Adrian the knowledge and skills to start his own business out of his passion for drones and were the launchpad for his successful career. 

Since completing his drone licence course with Hummingbird UAV Adrian’s business has continued to grow and gain work from various clients, and in combination with Diane’s expertise in planning and development and Adrian’s expertise in surveying, it has a bright future ahead. 

For Adrian Hummingbird UAV reassured him throughout the process and gave him the confidence and knowledge to get his licence in a short space of time.

Adrian stood on coastline with drone hovering
Diane and Adrian

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