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Drone Pilot License- How it can open job opportunities with the use of infrared cameras


A Drone Pilot License opens a window of opportunity for different jobs around the country. From a variety of different industries, you will be surprised at the use of drones and how having a license could benefit you. You and your drone could save a life, read on to find out how.



How you can use a drone with infrared imaging

Drones, fitted with infrared technology, have the ability to:

  • Map building plans,
  • Check building pathology,
  • Search for criminal activity,
  • Find survivors of natural disasters/fires,
  • Find the causes of fires
  • Establish when a building is safe to enter after a fire
  • Discover hazardous areas, preventing injury to people

There are so many uses to drones, these are simply just a few.




What is Infrared imaging?

Infrared imaging (thermal imaging) is a method of improving the visibility of things by detecting an objects infrared radiation, creating images, based on the information retrieved. Thermal imaging allows you to see in the dark and also through smoke. This comes in handy for a range of industries, some of which we will explore in this blog.



How can this benefit me?

You may be wondering the relevancy of this blog to you. How will having a drone pilot licence have any benefits to you?

If you have the knowledge of infrared imaging, partnered with a drone license, it opens a huge window of opportunity in a variety of industries for you.

The diversity of industries that need a drone pilot to be able to go above and beyond their everyday tasks, will allow no working day to be the same again for you.




Building pathology

Drones can be used to establish damage to buildings. This is a cheaper and less time consuming way of doing the thorough checks within housing and infrastructure. When buying property, you want to know the real extent of value of a building and this is the perfect way to do so. Infrared cameras can detect air leakage, cavity wall failure and leaks within the building so that you can find out whether the investment is worth it. Having a Drone Pilot License, allows you to offer a service no one else can, getting a variety of hard to reach angles for precision and reassurance.

You can also use a UAV Pilot to find problems within buildings and discover the solution to them. An example of this would be locating the remedy for draughty buildings by discovering where the air leak is coming from or lack of insulation. Furthermore, drones can help to see if ventilation is working properly, if damp is present. With all of this information, you can determine where windows should be places within buildings. You can also see if damp is due to bad ventilation or simply lifestyle choices.



Law Enforcement

Having a drone license and a thermal imaging camera can open the opportunity of working in law enforcement. This is because thermal imaging cameras help to distinguish different heat levels radiating from buildings and houses. The heated lamps, used when growing marijuana, stand out like a sore thumb on these cameras. Therefore, you can help to find out where it is being grown because of the height of the drone and use of imaging. This can save time doing door to door checks and getting search warrants because you can scope streets and pinpoint potential buildings specifically. To read more about the usage of drones in law enforcement, take a look at this more in depth article here.



Natural Disasters

As mentioned earlier, infrared imaging allows you to see through smoke and in the dark. This night vision feature makes it easier to scope trapped survivors with speed and efficiency. This could save lives faster. Also, it allows for less risk to the rescue team because drones can be implemented to discover danger zones. This therefore allows the rescuers to focus on important zones where people are trapped, rather than spending time and energy searching through the debris where no one is. This is just one example as to how a Drone pilot License can lead to a life bing saved. Take a look at our blog on natural disasters and how the use of drones are becoming more predominant here.





Having a Drone Pilot License can help incredibly in the fire industry because it allows you to see through smoke. This is pivotal in fire search and rescue. With a drone, you safely enter the fire site with night vision, allowing you to scope safely. Additionally, you can find the hot zones with the thermal imagery, reducing the risk for the fire fighters. You can discover the cause of the fire and possibly discover victims in the form of people trapped or even animals. Thermographic cameras detects different see through heat sources and detects them in different colours. Therefore, this allows you to spot dangers and distinguish threats and hazards. These can include the aftermath of a fire-knowing when it is safe to re-enter a building.




How We Can Help

As you can see, there are many different industries that you could delve in to, with a Drone Pilot License. Drones are a part of the new and upcoming technology advances, meaning that there are going to be many more industries that will adapt this approach to imaging over the years. It is worthwhile and gives you the opportunity to travel and have a job that is rewarding as possible. If you are interested in the drone industry, take a look at some of our other news articles on the new and upcoming needed information in the UAV Pilot world here.

Additionally, if you want to find out how you can train with us to get a Drone Pilot Licence, take a look here.


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