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PfCO Courses

PfCO Full Course

If you have an existing aviation qualification please go to ‘PfCO Fast Track Course’ below.


If you have no manned or unmanned aviation qualifications then you must complete the following 3 ‘Critical Elements’ to prove that you have ‘Pilot Competency’ and therefore be recommended by us to the Civil Aviation Authority for your PfCO;


The three elements are:

  1. 2-day theory course, plus exam
  2. Write an Operations Manual
  3. Pass a Flight Assessment

Hummingbird will provide you with the Theoretical Instruction, guidance on how to complete your Operations Manual and your Flight Assessment, on satisfactory completion of your operations manual.


When these 3 elements are completed Hummingbird will then send your application to the CAA for approval.

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PfCO Fast-Track Course

If you have any of the following aviation qualifications then you are only required to complete 2 hours logged SUA flight experience, the Flight Assessment and an Operations Manual (no Theory course required):


  1. Current EASA fixed-wing, helicopter or Microlight license.
  2. Current UK National Fixed Wing, Helicopter or Microlight License.
  3. UK Military pilot/ remote pilot or RPAS operator qualification (applicable where basic flight training has been carried out in non-segregated UK airspace)
  4. RAF VGS Instructor qualifications commencing at G1 Instructor level are also acceptable
  5. British Gliding Association (BGA) – Bronze ‘C’ and above (or EASA equivalent)
  6. BMFA ‘A’ or ‘B’ certificates
  7. Non-UK SUA/RPAS qualification/ license*
  8. Other lapsed pilots licenses or certificates**

*Case by case CAA assessment

**Note that pilots’ licenses that have lapsed prior to January 2010 will only be considered by the CAA on a case by case basis.

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‘Add on’ Short Course

If your company or organisation already has an Operations Manual and you are to be named in this document, you are not required to complete the Full PfCO Course. You are only required to complete 2 hours logged SUA flight experience, Flight Assessment and the Theory course (you are not required to write an operations manual but MUST be familiar with the company/ organisation operations manual).

Adoption from Different CAA NQE Course

Finish with us! You may have started your training elsewhere but would like the convenience of location and/or professionalism that Hummingbird provide.

If this is the case, we’re happy to discuss picking up where you left off and ensuring that the remainder of your training experience is as streamlined, informative and engaging as possible.

If you have already completed your theory (ground school) and passed the examination elsewhere then we can organise a refresher course for you or simply push you forward to gain your PfCO.

Wherever you are in your journey to becoming a drone pilot, Hummingbird are happy to take you under our wing and guide you through your commercial unmanned aviation journey.

Emergency Services

Emergency Services Drone Operators Training Course

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